GSE Smart IPTV Player

GSE Smart IPTV Player Tutorial

GSE Smart IPTV Player is a powerful and free IPTV app recommended for use on smartphones, tablets, and iPads.

Getting started with the GSE app

  • Install the GSE Smart IPTV Player Application from your App Store
  • open it, and accept the terms of use, and if you faced permission access to your SD card on your Smart TV, allow it. This helps the app to create a playlist on the mentioned storage.
  • from the top left corner of the home screen, click on the menu icon, It`s three horizontal lines.
  • Select the “Remote Playlists option”
  • Click on the “red the plus” icon that appears on the “top right corner ”of your screen.
  • Choose “Add M3U URL” from the pop-up option.

GSE Smart IPTV Player-Add URL

  • Type a name for your IPTV-Playlist, E.g., XTVLink in the playlist name field, and type the m3u link you received from us in the playlist link field.

GSE Smart IPTV Player-Add URL-FinalPart

  • Click on the ‘ADD’ button when you’re done, and the app will automatically load your channels. – The whole process is described in the above images.

How to add EPG on GSE

  • Open GSE IPTV and on the top left corner click on the three lines to bring up the menu
  • Click on the “EPG program guide” from the menu option

GSE Smart IPTV Player Tutorial GSE Smart IPTV Player Add URL Adding EPGjpg

  • Click on the red “+” button at the bottom right corner.
  • Select the “Add Remote EPG source” option from the pop-up
  • Type in your EPG name in the name field and the EPG URL in the EPG source link. Your EPG link is included in the email we sent to you along with your m3u link.
  • Click on the “ADD” button and then restart the Application to synchronize the channels with the electronic programs. – The whole process is described in the above images.
Concluding Thoughts

GSE Smart IPTV Player is yet one of the best on the market, we usually recommend this APP for Tablets and Smartphones, however, you can still use it on Smart TVs. Recommended buying the APP to avoid the advertisements.

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