IPTV for Home

How to get started with IPTV streaming in your home?

Still, wondering how to get started with IPTV streaming in your home? This guide will show you exactly how to setup your IPTV in five easy steps and get you connected to the largest tv collections you’ll probably ever seen!

IPTV offers you the largest TV collections and almost an endless queue of entertainment once you get an IPTV plan. Also, getting started with IPTV is very easy and does not require as much space or technical installation as cable or satellite TV. IPTV setup is almost a plug and play setup and shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes or hours to get started for the first time. Things you’ll need to setup your IPTV at home

  • An android box
  • An IPTV App
  • Get an IPTV plan and set it up for streaming
  • A VPN (Optional)

Setting up your IPTV at home for the first time

Android Box Device

The very first thing you’ll need to get started with an IPTV service for your home is to get an Android Box. It`s the most important aspect of your IPTV setup and comes with hardware that can receive, deliver, and play media on your TV. The tv box often comes with the Google Play Store app installed.

The TV Box App comes with an in-built Wi-Fi to connect to your router. For all intent and purposes, the Android Box performs the same function as your satellite dish at a fraction of the size.

Download an IPTV app

If you are going with a traditional Android Box, you’ll need to install an IPTV app from the Play store. The Android Box comes with Google Play store pre-installed and you can find and install other Apps on your device.

There are hundreds of IPTV Apps available in Google Play store, most are freemiums while some others are premium. The IPTV app you’ll install will serve the function of a media player. Much the same way a media player on your smartphone or windows helps you to play media formats such as mp3, mp4, etc. an IPTV app will help you decode and play IPTV media formats such as m3u and EPG.

Buy an IPTV subscription plan

After installing an IPTV app on your Android Box, you’ll need to get connected to IPTV service providers. The provider will provide access to all the contents you’ll be watching on your IPTV.

IPTV services are subscription bases and you’ll need to buy/renew your IPTV plan from time to time. there are many IPTV services out there and you can get an IPTV plan from any providers that you want. You might want to ensure that your provider services are stable and come with channels that you’ll enjoy. As such, you might want to look for a provider that allows a demo account for first-time users. Get ONE DAY Free IPTV Trial.

Connecting your IPTV plan with your android tv box

Once you get an IPTV plan from a good IPTV provider, you’ll be given a unique URL. This URL will help you to access the provider’s content on their servers.

Depending on the IPTV app you installed on your android box, you’ll most likely see an option on the home page with a “+” sign asking you to add your m3u URL.

Click on it and type in the URL your IPTV provider gave to you. The app will automatically load all the channels and VODs available at the other end to your device and you can browse through them to watch any show or movie that is available. IPTV Tutorial

Getting a VPN

A VPN is not really a necessity especially if you are using a premium IPTV subscription package from us on xtvlink.com But if you want an additional layer of protection and privacy then you might want to install a VPN in your Android TV Box.

Concluding Thoughts

Choosing a good IPTV provider is one of the most important steps you should consider when setting up an IPTV for your home. Not all providers are stable and as such, you might want to consider trying out the least plan available before committing to longer subscription plans.

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