Minimum internet speed required for IPTV

What is the minimum internet speed required for IPTV?

I know the OP’s question is concerning “Speed” but that is not the only factor that governs the IPTV viewing experience. With that in mind, I thought it made sense to briefly discuss some of the other common factors here.


Defined as basically the amount of time it takes for a given data packet goes from the source to the destination. All networks have some latency and while that alone is not a huge concern with IPTV, too much latency or large variations in latency can cause issues.

Packet loss

Self-explanatory – the TV cannot show what it never receives and because pretty much all IPTV delivery mechanisms have no re-transmit function, missing packets can lead directly to a degraded viewing experience.


The rate of change in latency – probably the least important factor of these 3 as jitter can be mitigated by using buffering at the destination end. However, too much jitter can lead to other network issues that may result in a decreased viewing experience.

A bit of more info

One last thing – while many correctly state the different downstream (DS) speeds required for the various service levels (i.e. standard def, high def, etc.), many folks have mentioned upstream (US) numbers that are far too high (2–3 Mbps or even more). The most important factor about the US direction is not bandwidth, it is latency.  The reason why is because US latency directly affects things like channel changes – here’s how…

The longer it takes for a packet to get from your set-top box into the network, then the longer it can take for that channel change to occur. And while this may sound trivial, trust me when I say it’s really not. I’ve personally been involved in test scenarios focused on just this aspect of IPTV and viewers get upset when the channel change time is anything over about .4 seconds. I know – it sounds like this should be a non-issue but in reality, it is a significant concern.

P.S. There are actually additional factors (i.e. network routing, path changes, content distribution nodes – RPs, etc.) that can have an impact on the quality and reliability of one’s IPTV viewing experience but those lie outside the scope of this answer.

Concluding Thoughts

It depends on the quality of the IPTV service streaming quality. But minimum speed for standard definition is 5Mbps, for SD quality, 10Mbps for HD and FHD and 25Mbps for Ultra HD quality. If you browse the internet while watching TV then you will require a higher speed for simultaneous actions. Please always ask a free IPTV trial to ensure it`s not a provider side issue.

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