The best Android IPTV TV-Boxes

 What is an Android Box?


An Android box is a device that allows you to turn your standard television into a Smart TV. This is a great option because purchasing an android box is much cheaper than buying a smart TV. Once your TV is connected to your Android Box and is connected to your WIFI network, you will have direct access to the internet from your TV. With this internet connection, you will have access to a lot of applications from either your smartphone or directly from your remote control. Here is where you can begin streaming content on Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, amazon prime, or any other service like IPTV. You’re not only limited to video streaming. You can also even scroll through Facebook or listen to the radio with the Android box. 


Find the IPTV-Box that fit your needs 


Nvidia TV shield

The Nvidia TV shield is considered to be the most efficient high-end Android box currently on the market. This ITPV box appeals to both gamers and users who want to read high-quality content with no issues. 


Xiaomi Mi Box S

 The Xiaomi Mi Box S is considered to be the best offer amongst many other IPTV boxes. This Android IPTV box is the best quality/price ratio of any other boxes at the moment. The Xiaomi Mi S is very complete and powerful, and it allows access to all the functions that would be expected from an IPTV box. The Xiaomi Box S also has a very sleek design that sets it apart from other boxes. 


X96 Mini

The X96 mini is developed by Sunnzo, and it is considered to be the most economical IPTV box currently on the market. Despite its low price, the X96 mini is a very powerful and high-performing box. This IPTV box is perfect for general use, and it is an extremely good multimedia player.



The MXQ Pro Max 4k is one of the most recent IPTV boxes with high-performance technical characteristics. The MXQ Pro MAX s 4K is almost as powerful as some laptops and is actually considered a mini PC. This android box allows you to enjoy a high-resolution 4k image. The MXQ Pro is priced very reasonably for its high-quality content and great fluidity.

Concluding Thoughts

 Here are a few of the best android IPTV boxes currently on the market. It’s important to evaluate your needs and what you’re looking for in your IPTV box. Then you’ll be able to choose the perfect box for you that will fit all your streaming needs.

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