Install Kodi on Android Box

How to install Kodi player on your Android TV box for IPTV

There are numerous ways to watch TV over the internet and the Android TV box is fast becoming the most popular choice for users. This, of course, is because of the popularity of the Android operating system as well as it`s the ease of use and integration. Android OS can easily be integrated into almost any hardware in the market.

The android TV box allows you to stream your IPTV content directly to your TV box much the same way Amazon Firestick or Microsoft Xbox does. This is a detailed step by step guide on how to set up your IPTV using an android TV box and the Kodi player.

To get started, you’ll need to connect your Android TV box to your TV.

How to connect your Android TV box to your TV

  1. Android TV boxes usually come with an HDMI adapter, the adapter you’ll need to connect to your TV HDMI port. If your TV does not have a port for an HDMI adapter, you can easily purchase an HDMI to AV converter online or from your local store.
  2. Plug the power cord of the TV box and turn it on using the power button on the remote.
  3. Follow the on-screen guide to connect the android TV box to your Wi-Fi. If there’s no prompt for internet connection, you can navigate to settings > Wi-Fi to connect manually. You can also make use of an Ethernet connection.

After connecting the android TV box to your TV and Wi-Fi, you’ll need to install the Kodi player on your TV box.

The Kodi player is an open-source media player that allows you to stream contents stored on your local network directly to your TV as well as stream live shows over the internet. There are many other players that will allow you to stream IPTV from your android TV box but Kodi player is one of the best options and the most popular choice for many users.

For the best entertainment experience, you’ll need a perfect IPTV service from a reputable company. This is because the speed of the servers as well as other backend services will affect your viewing experience in the end.

How to install Kodi player on your Android TV box for IPTV streaming

Installing a Kodi player on your Android TV box is very easy and much the same as installing an app on your smartphone.

  1. Click on the play store app and search for Kodi players.
  2. Click on the install button and the app will be automatically downloaded and installed.

After installing Kodi on your Android TV box, you can use it to search for available files in your local storage or use it to stream your IPTV subscription.

How to stream IPTV using the Kodi player on your Android TV box

You can stream live content on the Kodi player by adding your IPTV m3u subscription link. To add your m3u link follow

  1. Click on the add ons button from the home screen and then click on my add on, select PVR clients from the list of add ons
  2. On PVR clients, right-click on the PVR IPTV Simple Client, Select General and go to the m3u Playlist URL. Paste your IPTV m3u subscription link and click the OK button to complete the setup.

Kodi may ask you to restart in order to load your channels and VOD, Series.

Concluding Thoughts

Your choice of IPTV service is the most important factor to consider when it comes to streaming content. As such, you might want to look for a great IPTV service provider before buying a subscription.

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