Become an IPTV Distributor

If you want to make money from IPTV, you might want to become a reseller with us.

The truth is running an IPTV is hard – very hard. The cost of setting up and maintaining an efficient IPTV that people will enjoy and want to renew their subscriptions is quite high. Adding customer support and technical teams to this can make it almost impossible for just about anyone to start up their IPTV. But you don’t have to build up an IPTV from scratch to make money from it. If you have always wanted to own an IPTV and be able to make a profit from it, this is a great opportunity we are offering you.

You can now partner with us and become an IPTV distributor. Our reselling package gives you the full IPTV ownership experience – manage subscribers, connect/disconnect them, manage subscriptions, select favorite country, etc. it’s you, owning your IPTV without all the cost or technical problems.

All you have to do is to buy IPTV credits from us, and you’ll be free to distribute our IPTV services to your audience. When you buy IPTV credits from us, you automatically become a partner and have full access to our channels which you can resell as your own. It`s magic, right? Let me tell you some more.

Why become a reseller with us?

There are many reasons why you may want to become a reseller with us. We offer the best rates in the industry and ensure you make a reasonable return on your investment. Below are some of the top reasons why we are your best option.

Fair offers, make more money

We understand the importance of return on investment. As such, we have made our reseller program such that it provides everyone with the best opportunity to make their money and more back when they partner with us.

You have the chance as an IPTV distributor to resell our subscription to your customers at a lower price. While we sell our subscriptions to clients who come directly to us for 10 Euro for a month, you can resell the same service to them at a lower cost at 5 Euro only – that’s a massive win for you!

Easy to get started

We have done all the work. We have hundreds of channels up and running already. All you have to do is to opt into our IPTV reseller program, and you will have access to distribute these channels to your customers. No need to get your hands dirty or starting from scratch. You can become an IPTV distributor right now by signing up for our reseller package.

Become IPTV Distributor

It’s a No-risk investment

Our IPTV reseller program is a small risk investment and one you can easily opt-out from anytime you wish. With a few couples of IPTV packages and bucks, you can get started your IPTV selling today. Why take the same risk with thousands of dollars to set up an IPTV and watch it go down the drain when you can get started as an owner with a few hundred and upscale it as you go?

Sell under your own IPTV brand

Yes, we allow you to brand your reseller package as much as you want. You don’t have to worry about us using our brands to steal your customers. We’ll work behind the scene to provide seamless service for your clients while you take all the credits and advantages. We will not brand your content with our logo or brand name. We will provide the content, and you can sell them under your brand name and logo. It`s a charm!

Full access of IPTV panel

Our reseller package comes with a full access panel for you to manage your clients. The full access panel is easy to navigate and provides everything you’ll need to run your IPTV.

You can manage your subscribers, Select countries you wish to offer your services, Logo, owned URL, Block a connection, kill a connection, limit a subscription to its country and many more.


When you are signing up for the IPTV reseller program, you’ll be given a chance to choose your domain name and consequently, you’ll have your own IPTV URL. This is very important as this feature allows you to brand/re-brand your business and offer your services to consumers as a standalone business. With your website.

Concluding Thoughts

As a stable IPTV provider, we understand the importance of help, and as such, we have made it readily available for all our IPTV distributors. You can report channels that have issues or any other problems right from your dashboard. The aim of this is to resolve issues almost as soon as they get reported—no need for you to open tickets and wait in line for them to be addressed.

We are the most stable IPTV providers around the globe and we are offering everyone the opportunity to become an IPTV partner with us. Opt-in now to get started.

Start Order your IPTV Business today.