Free IPTV Vs Paid IPTV Service

5 good reasons why you shouldn’t use a free IPTV service

More than sixty percent of young adults today choose to stream their favorite tv shows and movies rather than watch them in the traditional method. The on-demand aspect of streaming services is one of the primary reasons for this increasing trend. Whether paid or unpaid, internet protocol television provides users with the convenience of watching or binge-watching their favorite tv shows at their own pace.

Video on demand is another attractive aspect of the streaming service, which gives users the freedom to watch the latest movie releases even before they hit the shelf in stores.

Unfortunately, many people who stream these tv shows and movies aren’t using a paid subscription service from a trusted IPTV provider. While free IPTV service may seem like a dream come true, it has many scary downsides, which may end up costing you more than a paid IPTV service.

Your data will be tracked

One of the most common problems on the internet is privacy. The internet opens your computer to almost anyone who wishes to look, and most times, free IPTV providers tend to harvest essential data from their users, which they could sell for funding.

Think about it, they are offering a free streaming service, they need to make up funds to cover their operational cost and at the same time make some profits. This could only come from selling users’ confidential data and, most times, to the highest bidders too.

Your IP address will be kept logged in

Most times, when you log off a free streaming site, the servers can still keep you logged in. This is to help the providers find suitable content for your interest, apart from that, the provider can also sell the information about your interest along with your IP address to third-parties.

Most times, users make use of free VPNs to mask their IP addresses; while this helps to secure your IP address, it only does so to some extent. When you set up a VPN, it gives you a different IP address and gives yours to a different person. This can significantly reduce your internet speed as your bandwidth will be traded for another often slower one.

You can be sued for illegally streaming copyrighted products

In 2014, BitTorrent users who made use of the platform to stream Adam Sandler’s movie, The Cobbler, were sued by the makers for illegal streaming of the film.

While it is very rare to get sued for streaming contents illegally, it does happen, and no one can tell when and to whom it may happen. Most paid IPTV providers have legal rights to distribute specific contents, and getting a subscription from them will help you stay on the right side of the law.

Poor quality

Free streaming sites are often splashed with ads, and you may even be disturbed with intermittent ads while watching your favorite tv shows.

For the high-quality IPTV service, you should consider opting for a paid subscription service. A paid subscription will not only guarantee a high-quality IPTV service but a stable streaming service.

Opens your computer to malware

Most free IPTV providers are known for their deceptive and often malicious ads. The ads are often hidden behind code words to trigger your click, and once you click on them, they proceed to open pop-ups and pages in the background.

Some websites are fond of installing addons to browsers, and others can install simple malware that will keep tracking and sending your files and key logs secretly using a small number of your internet bandwidths to the owners.

Concluding Thoughts

Free IPTV link services over the web is a mouth-watering offer but also comes with a lot of repercussions that could end up costing you more than a legal IPTV provider subscription would cost you. If you not yet got any IPTV subscription, get a one with a high quality of service.

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